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Casa Gregorio immerses  guests into cooking in a Ciociara Italian family environment and offers hands-on cooking classes taught by local chefs and women from the village in the Roman Countryside—just a short distance from Rome.


Small group Cooking Classes are conducted by our chefs. They work with you to prepare authentic Italian dishes following the traditions passed down to them from their great grandmothers, grandmas and mammas.


We share all the secrets to cook authentic Italian recipes teaching you the key ingredients of Italian cooking tradition.

You will learn how to make a perfect Italian sauce, homemade pasta, gnocchi and many others Italian delicacies.


Valerio, the Pizza Maker Specialist, will teach you how to make a great real Italian Pizza in the Palazzo Gregorio Gourmet Kitchen facility with a authentic woodburning pizza oven.


Our full equipped kitchen with an amazing view of the surrounding hill-top, will be the unique setting of the informal and friendly Italian Cooking Classes, where you will learn how to make a perfect Italian menu while enjoying a glass of great regional wine, listening to background music and experiencing many a laugh or two!


More about our Culinary Tours


On our culinary tours you discover local farmers, who are at the heart of the delicacies on your table. The real taste is in the products that are still meticulously handmade without being industrially produced and processed. Cooking in the tranquility of the Roman Countryside, you can expect to be away from the chaos of the city,  nightclubs and crowds of tourists.


Here in Ciociaria you will experience fresh local food markets rather than overwhelming souvenir shops and excellent local restaurants frequented by people from the surrounding area.


In the cooking school, roll up your sleeves and get involved… don’t expect too many opportunities to wear your best clothes but opt instead for comfortable attire. Above all, expect PLENTY of good food and MANY stories to tell!


In Ciociaria you eat and you eat well!!!




Food is the heart and soul of Italian culture; it is a true passion for the Italian people. What better way to discover and celebrate the real Italy than an authentic and inspiring cooking vacation led by locals who have learned the age-old traditions passed down from generation to generation.



Food is so important to Italian people; it represents more than sustenance and convenience. Food remains the source of income for many families and it is for this reason that it is steeped in proud tradition. Food is an event, it is the meeting point for families; almost every major decision in an Italian’s life is made at the dinner table! Food is joy, unity, and culture, all of which may be found in Italy, home of ‘la cucina’.



Every Italian region has its own culinary culture that differs greatly from south to north. Although each region has its own proud traditions with food, flavors and ingredients, in these modern times, there are new dishes that are becoming available which still have their roots in tradition but with a modern twist, making it an exciting time for Italian cuisine.


Ciociaria is a region with a strong culinary tradition. The region is located in central Italy and its culinary traditions take all the best of southern and northern food with a hint of modern style from the nearby city of Rome.

The perfect place to sample great Italian food and learn how to prepare authentic Italian dishes.


Local Italian produce


Choosing Italy’s Roman Countryside as a destination for your cooking holiday will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the true culture of Bel Paese. Only by sitting down at the table with a real Italian family can you truly understand our history and passion. Locally produced vegetables and meat will remind you of forgotten flavors! Experience the fun and satisfaction in making your own pasta. We can assure you that there is nothing quite like enjoying your own authentically handmade Tagliatelle for the first time. With cooking classes at Casa Gregorio we want you to savor not only the food but also the culture that lies behind each recipe.