Our Philosophy

Gregory, your Italo-American host, moved to Italy in his pursuit of an “Under the Ciociaro Sun” dream! A savouring of Italian flavors, local lifestyles and traditions transcends you to capture a piece of the magic that this Roman Countryside area be stills upon you.

He will be your guide in the discovery of authentic Italian cuisine with Culinary Tours, Cooking Classes and delicious meals at home and in local Restaurants.

My Nonna is the true success of Casa Gregorio!  Extremely attached, I learned alongside her how to prepare so many wonderful dishes which are part of the everyday Casa Gregorio experience!  It was her special love and dedication for her family, the grand matriarch that she was, that has made this experience possible today!


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Gregory Aulensi and I was born and raised in Michigan. In my mid twenties I moved to sunny South Florida where I established and carried onmy interior design business for several years. Upon a family trip to the Roman Countryside of Italy called “Ciociaria” I took a leap of fate and now find myself now living the “Under the Tuscan Sun” dream in Lazio, Italy.

I arrived in Castro dei Volsci, Italy, a small hilltop medieval town in the summer of 2006 and fell in love with a beautiful 17th century home that was in terrible need of restoration. I have transformed this abandoned 12,000 square foot palazzo into a cultural association with it’s Boutique B&B, Cooking School, Taverna, and historic Frantoio, where in the 16th century, horses turned the old stone wheel to mash the region’s olives and produce olive oil.

What was once abandoned has now come back to life with folklore theme nights and various other events which gather the local towns’ people and guests from near and a far. Our Rome’s Countryside Cooking Vacation program offers culinary and wine samplings and makes you partake in what is truly “Italian authentic tradition“.

Since our opening, we have appeared on RAI’s most acclaimed travel show “Sereno Variabile” in 2011, as well as interviewed on ExTRA TV, and featured on Roma Uno’s “Vieni in Ciociaria”. I would like very much for you to take a glance at our website and view our offers and extend to you a visit to Casa Gregorio so you to can have a chance to experience what is truly a beautiful region that has yet to be discovered!

Gregory Tesolin Aulensi

Casa Gregorio Behind the Scenes