Palazzo Gregorio

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Charming Rooms in Historical House

Exclusive accommodation for an amazing Culinary experience in Italy

Casa Gregorio isn't only a Italian Cooking School, the house is the result of my old Interior Design Business. My new professional goal is your totaly satisfaction, for this reason all details are meticulously studied.
Each bedroom has a special characteristic, like amazing view, four-poster bed or suite bathroom.
I also provided all rooms with soft towels and bed linen of prime quality. Rooms also include Flat-Screen Televisions, Wi-Fi, Hair Dryer's and other comforts for your Cooking Vacation!.
I hope such attention can let you enjoy your Culinary Vacation in Italy and when you cook at home you bring to mind our Cooking School!

Room Cinnamon

  • room_cannella01
  • room_cannella02
  • room_cannella03
  • room_cannella04
  • room_cannella05
  • room_cannella07
  • room_cannella08

Room Saffron

  • room_zafferano01
  • room_zafferano02
  • room_zafferano03
  • room_zafferano04
  • room_zafferano05

Room Juniper

  • room_ginepro01
  • room_ginepro02
  • room_ginepro03
  • room_ginepro04
  • room_ginepro05

Room Hollyhock

  • room_malvarosa01
  • room_malvarosa02
  • room_malvarosa03
  • room_malvarosa04
  • room_malvarosa05
  • room_malvarosa06
  • room_malvarosa07

Room Clove

  • room_chiodi_di_garofano01
  • room_chiodi_di_garofano02
  • room_chiodi_di_garofano03
  • room_chiodi_di_garofano04
  • room_chiodi_di_garofano05
  • room_chiodi_di_garofano06

Room Anise

  • anise room 01 casa gregorio
  • anise room 02 casa gregorio
  • anise room 03 casa gregorio

Room Oliva

  • oliva room 001 casa gregorio
  • oliva room 01 casa gregorio
  • oliva room 02 casa gregorio
  • oliva room 03 casa gregorio

A Taste of Roman Countryside

Palazzo Gregorio, a Taste of the Roman Countryside to be REMEMBERED!